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Reticulation Installation Perth

With water restrictions and a growing population it has become increasingly necessary to install irrigation systems that save water.

A reticulation system with water saving features are a worthwhile investment, saving you water and money in the long run. We install systems that not only are saving water but also using the water you have more efficiently. Using water more efficiently means that more water gets to where it needs to, there is less evaporation and run off, and sprinklers are more wind resistant.

Keep your garden looking great

You have worked hard to develop your landscaping and have spent a lot of time and money to achieve the garden and lawn that you love so much.

Perth’s climate can be harsh with long periods of drought through out the seasons. An irrigation system is a must have to keep your thirsty garden well watered.

We can install, fix or upgrade existing systems to bring them back to life. Many older systems have been neglected and will need maintenance to restore them.

Reticulation Installation Perth

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